Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Night Fishing For Beginners

Although the experienced angler will know all the essentials for a successful and most importantly a Safe night on the bankside a newcomer to fishing or an even an experienced angler who has fished at night might need a little help to make sure they have all the boxes covered.
 This short article will hopefully help you have a good night's fishing and not a freezing cold sleepless night, after all even catching fish sometimes isn't enough to make up for a dreadfully uncomfortable night with no sleep and hypothermia. 

Although you don't want any unnecessary light shining on the water as this can spook the fish from the area you with need a head torch to help land fish and bait up etc and this is a good safety decice as if you do happen to find yourself in the drink people can see where you are. 
 Another good piece of kit to have is a lantern of some sort to illuminate your bivvy when needed. 

Although in summer you can get away with thin tents etc in winter the right bivvy is essential, you need a sturdy bivvy made from good material and usually a double skin which keeps out the condensation and most of the draughts. 

First aid kit. 
It is a good idea to keep a small kit in the car or in the bag incase of any emergencies. 

Sleeping bag and bed chair.
In winter a very thick sleeping bag would be needed and although not cheap there are some amazing examples on the market with many layers incorporated and can make even the coldest nights bare able. 

Emergency items of clothing.
In winter take extra clothes so if you fall in or get too cold you can get changed quickly and back into dry clothes. 

Additional Luxury items.
If you are thinking of taking up night fishing regularly there are many items on the market to make your stay more luxurious.
Items such as power packs and solar panels for charging phones and tablets are now the norm for the tackle tart aswell as dvd players and all sorts of gadgets.

I hope this helps at least one person who's thinking of taking up night fishing and makes for a safe trips. Remember fishing should be about enjoyment and shouldn't be dangerous. 

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Hemsby beach fishing (end march 2019)

Whilst on holiday with my partner at a holiday park in hemsby with the beach only 200 yards away I thought it would give me the perfect opportunity to get a couple of night sessions on the sand and see what was about.
 I purchased 25 lug and pack of dirty squid from the local tackle shop and arrived on the beach with a one rod set up rigged with a 6 ounce lead and two hook flapper rig.
 The tides had been huge recently and after putting my box down while I was getting things ready I noticed that the sea which was about 20 feet away only a few minutes previous was now only a couple of feet from where I was positioned so I decided to play it safe and moved right to the top of the beach and in front of the path so that no matter how high the tide came up it couldn't cut me off.
 As I am a new comer to shore angling I don't over complicate things and simply threaded on a lug worm and tipped it with a helping of squid, this was to help keep the lug from flying off on the cast and also may attract any bigger species that may be lurking around the shore such as bass or dog fish.. 
The first cast at about 60 yards and with the rod on the rest it didn't take more than a couple of minutes for the first rattle and I was soon retrieving a nice whiting from what at the time was a raging sea and a very high tide.
 Next cast saw a double header of whiting and this continued to repeat itself as the whiting appeared to be present in huge numbers. 
  To try for something a little different I cast closer to shore fishing just beyond the breakers about 30ft out and after a longer wait this time I was rewarded with a nice flounder and after  re casting at around the same distance a positive bite produced a much heavier resistant when reeling in and after thinking I had managed to come into contact with one of the larger species I found that I had infact another double header but this time one whiting and one dab.
After a very positive three hours or so of fishing I decided to retreat to the chalet and spend the rest of the evening with a Chinese and a spot of tv thinking about how I would approach my following session where I would target one of the bigger species available like a thornback ray or maybe a very early season bass...
I do have to say I was very surprised at how well things had gone to say I had never cast a line into salt water before this trip and had no shore experience whatsoever, I would like to say that this was only possible thanks to the help and advice I got from the guys on the world sea fishing forum who were more than willing to help as much as they could and gave me all I needed to have confidence in what I was doing.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Sea leads (Ebay)

I recently bought these sea leads from ebay as im currently building a little but of beach kit up ready for my upcoming holiday to the norfolk coast (Hesmby just outside great yarmouth) at the end of the month. The leads arrived quickly and are exactly as stated. The quality is very nice and are just what I was wanting for my first ever shore fishing session.
If you dont need the leads immediately and can wait a couple of days for them then these are a great buy.

Visit my blog in early april to see how I got on and wether my first shore fishing trip was a success or a disaster.

Thankyou for spending your time reading my review

Oakwood 14ft beachcaster and silk reel set

This product was purchased for my first beach session in a couple of weeks time on the east coast of norfolk.
The item arrived quicker than stated and although im far from an expert on sea gear having never stepped foot on the sand with a rod and reel it seems good value for money, the rod is a little heavy but expected with being a budget product but apart from that the rod seems to be up to the job.
The reel was very suprising feeling well made and a very smooth front drag system and I would say the only downfall of it is that the line clip is very flimsy and plastic however it wont be needed for casting as it would for coarse fishing so shouldnt be a big problem.
  The reel is suplied with line however as with all free line I would recommend you remove it and replace with a better and more expensive brand as it is like a thick spring and will tangle very easily and make for a frustrating days fishing.

All in all with the reel re loaded with decent casting line I believe this will be just what I need for the occassional sea trip and look forward to getting on the sand.

Come back to see how I get on...

Oakwood 6ft stalking rod

At £12.75 I ordered this rod just to leave in the boot of the car with a few bits and pieces for those last minute trips or for those short stalking sessions in the summer.
  I have to say for the price the quality of this rod really surprised me, having a really nice action and being very light combined with a quality finish makes this rod probably the best purchase Ive made on ebay and a chance worth taking.
   If you're looking for an alternative to the more expensive stalking rods on the market or wanting a cheap carp rod for a youngster then you should definitely consider purchasing the oakwood stalking rod.

I will look forward to using this rod in the future and hopefully we can find out how it performes with a fish on the end. 

Thankyou for checking out my post. Come back soon for more product reviews.

Aston park fisheries. Winter carp session 03.03.19

The first entry of my blog see's me visiting my local fishery for a mornings winter carp fishing.arriving early just after first light I opted to fish the specimen lake named the Lilly which holds the bihgest fish on the complex with carp to just under 30 pounds and plenty of doubles and smaller fish to target. 
  As with all of my winter carp fishing I opted to fish this lake not because of the size of the fish but because there is a large stock of them meaning that even in the worst conditions we have a chance of putting a carp on the bank. 

I started my session at the damn wall end of the lake which is the deeper end and put 2 rods a couple of rod lenghs apart in the middle of the lake, both rods had stiff hinged rigs with a small cut down pop up fished a couple of inches off the bottom. 
   The first action came only about ten minutes into the session and after a hard fought battle a 14 pound common was safely in the net. The rods were re cast and a cup of tea was poured whilst i awaited the next bit of action. 
   I noticed a lot of fizzing around where my rods were positioned but no line bites which made me think the carp where moving around a lot and and just picking up the odd bits of food off the bottom probably left overs from the lads fishing the night session a couple of pegs further up, with this in mind i changed on rod to a zig rig with black foam thinking that a bait suspended in mid water would give them no option to pick up left over loose feed and they would only have the one hookbait to take. 
  After a few minutes the black foam was away and as I picked up the rod the left hand bobbin also pulled up tight, when dealing with a double hook up I always concentrate on the fish im playing as not to rush things and end up loosing fisg through panicking,  I landed the first fish and quickly un hooked it in the net and got straight onto the task of landing the second one, this fish was much smaller and came in with ease but in winter especially all fish are very welcome in my book and this saw me with two carp on the mat.
  Unfortunately the next hour saw the lake become bisy and the fish switched off so I called it a day and headed home

Thursday, 20 March 2014



Earlier on in the week I found myself picking the brains of one of England's most famous anglers, I presented my blog to Jan and asked him for his advice on blogging and how to become a pro angler. I thought it would be a good idea to share his advice with the viewers and I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did. I would like to take the opportunity once again to thank Jan for taking the time to not only check out the blog but but offer great advice too!

Jan Porter's advice! 

 I get asked a lot by younger anglers how to get a deal with tackle companies and become a pro. There's no fast answer but I always suggest record of log of your sessions, write blogs like you are doing. Invest in some reasonable camera equipment and hone photography skills. Obviously it's important to learn techniques and better to be a master of one style/species at a time than jack of all trades. I believe that catching fish on a float loose feeding little and often is a great starting point, location is paramount. Balanced tackle, local knowledge and watching the water is essential in fast tracking to experience. There are so many helpful resources on youtube, in the printed media and via company DVDs there has never been more knowledge to hand. Above all this it's crucial to get a decent job as ones mainstay income until you are in a position to make a decent living out of being a full time angler. By that I don't mean signing every day but working behind the scenes with your partner company having built up a credible reputation on the boat/bank. Always think carefully about aligning your brand with a tackle/bait company just for cheap bait. This is fine as a hobbyist but jumping from one company to another can/will possibly devalue your worth and it's a downward spiral. I've been with Shimano for nearly twenty years but I was at the top of my game when they took me on I had some smaller non conflict of interest deals prior but all with blue chip brands. Octoplus, Van Den Eynde plus Richworth and Realtree. Hope this helps. Jan